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If you are looking for rent a Poetrist then you've come to the right site. At PeopleYouWant.com our job is to match you up with the correct type of person you are looking for. We've been in the hospitality business for over 20 years specializing in matching people up with exactly the type of people they are looking for

Our website is not a dating website nor an escort site. The Poetrists we rent are strictly for platonic purposes only. (Platonic means friends only!). Maybe you have a special event you are looking to attend and do not want to go by yourself such as a business trip, family reunion, important party or more. Don't go by yourself, instead rent a Poetrist to go with you. People will be very impressed if you show up with a Poetrist rather than going by youself.

But there are many other reasons you may want to rent a Poetrist. Some other popular reasons are: If you want to go to the movie, a play or a broadway show and do not want to go by yourself, you can always rent a Poetrist to go with. Got tickets to a sporting event, concert, or some other VIP party? Many Poetrist's would be thrilled to go with you!

Do you travel a lot for business or are you constantly vacationing around the United States and Canada? There is nothing more unsettling than being in a brand new city with no friends. Sometimes it's great to have someone show you around town, go out to dinner with, maybe even watch a TV show or sports program with. Best of all the Poetrist can even show you around town. So if you are traveling rent a Poetrist to show you around town.

Have someone you would like to show off to, or impress? Then rent a Poetrist to be your friend for the day! Renting a Poetrist for the day is a lot cheaper than you may think. If you were to rent a Poetrist from a phone book or an online service expect to pay about $150-$200 per hour. But we have Poetrist's starting at just $10 per hour! Many Poetrists will even lower their price or even charge you nothing if you want to take them to a great event (such a sporting event, concert, or anything else that they might be interested in).


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